Located in Ottawa’s West End, The South March Highlands is one of Ottawa’s largest and most biologically diverse urban forests. An area of approximately 1,250 hectares, it is the southern tip of the Carp Ridge, a 6,200 hectare area of Precambrian shield that is home to some of the most visually stunning and biodiverse landscape in the Ottawa Region.

The South March Highlands stretches roughly from the Beaverbrook neighborhood in the south, to March Road in the North and contains the South March Conservation Forest and other protected lands. Much of the area is not protected, and despite it’s biodiversity and unique geophysical characteristics, it is under threat of development.

Much of the unprotected area has been lost and many threatened species extirpated, although thanks to the dedicated efforts of concerned citizens, Indigenous groups and community leaders, much has been saved. The aim of this site is to tell the story of the South March Highlands, as much as possible in the voices of the community who have worked tirelessly, and continue to work to protect and enjoy this very special place. The goal is to use photos and narrative to remind us as to why we need to work to protect what we can.

This site is currently under development. Please stay tuned for updates.